5 Ways to Get Your IT Project Signed Off

Integrity: it’s a word that usually comes to mind when referring to a person. But integrity is also a crucial aspect of each project approved for IT. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels stresses the need for projects to meet sound business criteria before they get the go-ahead. He interviews five experts to gain five unique angles on project integrity for IT.

5 Paths to Project Integrity

  1. David Allison – Need for Speed
  2. Sarah Leslie – Axe the Vanity
  3. David Reed – Measuring Plus Points
  4. Jonathan Pilbrow – Sponsor Creativity
  5. Omid Shiraji – Build Relationships

A request that lands on the CEO’s desk must come equipped with turbo boosters. Slow projects are high investment and high risk. To a business eye this is a blatant red flag. Even projects that appear viable on the surface will be torn apart and scrutinized, so be forewarned.

What executives are looking for when they analyze a project request is value – business value to be specific. For instance, in Sarah Leslie’s IT department there are no IT projects, only business projects that involve IT. To be certain, business leaders aren’t looking for fluffy feel good stuff. When they ask for value, they ask for it in measurable terms. The ‘plus points’ are the positive impacts a project will have on the company in terms of dollar value.

Additionally, many real plus points of a project will fall on deaf ears if they are not communicated to the right senior officer in the right way. Jon Pilbrow, controller at the TrustFord car dealership network, advocates a creative, salesman like approach.

IT’s relationship with senior company officers is the measure of its success. Not only is clear communication crucial to winning sponsorship with executive persons, it is essential for interpreting business needs at a strategic level.

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