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5 ITSM Game Changers in 2015

In the IT service management game, new technologies are always warming the benches on the sidelines, waiting for their chance to play a major role in business advancement. In his EMA blog, Dennis Drogseth lists five innovations he expects will give ITSM a set of fresh legs in 2015.

Front-Office Insight

The first innovation is strategic. ITSM as a back office function will be no more. Welcome the ITSM of the future, a front office nexus of IT insight, governance, automation, and analytics.

Year of Integration

Drogseth predicts a continued and sustained integration of social, mobile, and wireless IT into the fabric of ITSM: managing and optimizing endpoints as performing assets while cultivating the powers of enhanced GUI designs, mobile and social IT to promote improved service interaction.

Automation Inroads

In 2015 there may be a pronounced jump of ITSM beyond the service desk as it lays automation and analytics inroads to operations and development, including process automation, advanced workflows, and other investments.

Auto Change Management

Another trend in ITSM and automation will occur for change management. Drogseth characterizes the current manual processes as “slow, laborious, and fragmented.” The new processes will be streamlined and more service-aware. He believes that 2015 is the year of convergences in agile, DevOps, and ITSM, making less overhead the new vogue of all three processes.

Governing the Automata

Lastly, the practice of sound governance, process, dialog, and business alignment will ensure that automation train wrecks are avoided at all costs, and that cloud computing is properly assessed for its capacity, performance, usage, and costs.

Overall, as new technologies and strategies jump into the game in 2015, we’ll see a much more dynamic role being played by ITSM for team IT.

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