3 eBusiness Problems Solved with Simple Strategies

An article at Bloomtools highlights three problematic statistics for online businesses, and strategies for how to beat the odds against those stats. The first statistic is that 79 percent of customers will leave because they think you do not care (pretty temperamental bunch, eh?). People are most responsive to marketing campaigns in the days immediately after a purchase, so that is the time to send them additional offers via email or SMS. Another stat is that 92 percent of website visitors do not act immediately. Fix this by providing clear calls to action on the pages, and provide visitors incentives for giving you their names and email addresses. Lastly, it can cost roughly eight times as much to get a new client than keep an old one. To hold on tight to the old ones, keep in touch with messages about how you can help them, and encourage feedback on what else you can do for customers. You can read the full article here:

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