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The 4 Hardest Things to Change in IT

In your opinion, what is the hardest thing to change about IT? Is it the everyday technology, systems infrastructure, or business logistics? If you said “yes” to any of those options, guess again. Allison Mieloch writing for Forbes puts people at the top of her ‘toughest IT aspects to change’ list. Here’s four reasons why.

The 4 Hardest things to Change

  1. Going Global
  2. Migrating Legacy Applications
  3. Changing Domains
  4. Building Bridges

Moving your business from a regional to a global network requires a herculean technical effort, for which IT expertise is crucial. But consider the intricacies of integrating, not just global information networks, but networks of people. This endeavor necessitates a communications effort that allows each region, with its different culture and different set of strategies, to have a voice. Although sacrifices are forthcoming, it is important to make explicit what you are offering in return.

As implied by the word ‘migrate’, migrating legacy applications is an ordeal, and not just in a technical sense.

…migration to the cloud changes not only how IT supports the application, but drives a new user experience. For example, employees who are accustomed to accessing data in one way might need to learn a new system or procedure. The infrastructure team that used to function as a “Lone Ranger” now needs to work with a third-party vendor.

Like migrating legacy applications, changing domain names will put your people through a major hurdle that involves a huge shifting of company files, change in search engine ranking, marketing materials, voice recordings, forms. You get the idea.

And lastly, difficult people changes result when your IT department is potentially involved in a major business transition. This is a crucial time to let go of dogmatic thinking and to extend the operation’s expertise to the organization.

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