Overcoming Challenges to Achieve End-to-End Visibility

In a post for the 21st Century Supply Chain, Melissa Clow explores some of the findings of Gartner’s 2014 Strategic Road Map for Supply Chain Visibility. The paper divides levels of visibility according to five stages of supply chain maturity, of which most supply chains are in Stage 2 or 3, where only an inside-out visibility has been established. To achieve Stage 5 and an outside-in visibility means you have oversight even into partner supply chains. Data harmonization is one among many barriers to overcome in order to achieve this highest stage. For the full discussion on what can be done to increase visibility in your supply chain, read the full post here: http://blog.kinaxis.com/2014/12/end-to-end-supply-chain-visibility-overcoming-the-challenges-to-achieving/

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