How to Redesign Your Supply Chain for the Circular Economy

Is the global economy on a bee line toward the destruction of Earth’s ecology? It depends on who you ask. Decades of corporate sustainability reform have had mixed results, in what Christian Lanng for the Supply & Demand-Chain Executive says amounts to group of companies trying to be sustainable in an unsustainable society.

Circles, not Lines

The solution, says Lanng, lies in the nature of supply chains. The current focus is on a linear system, one where materials are sent along supply chains to be manufactured, distributed, sold, and then later scrapped. In the future, many companies are anticipating a circular supply chain, one that relies on designing products for repair, longevity, and reuse. The good news: new mobile technologies along with cloud and the general ubiquity of computing devices makes the cyclical approach to supply chain more viable than ever.  

Read the full article at: http://www.sdcexec.com/article/12028036/you-can-capture-commercial-value-across-supply-chains-by-closing-materials-loops-and-regenerating-natural-assets

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