4 Ways Your Competitors are Stealing Your IT Talent

Your best IT talent is on the move, and the best way to keep them around is to steal them yourself according to a article by Sharon Florentine. As the economy rebounds and businesses move forward with new IT projects, the need for competent and hard-working IT professionals is at an all-time premium.

Not Your Typical Spider’s Web

Networking is an obvious start. Talent search firms target social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as conferences or industry gatherings. Many times these firms are after passive candidates who place themselves on career matching services such as Poachable and Switch. The passive candidate may be open to a new opportunity, but too busy to peruse the job listings or to actively research positions.

Build a Comfy Nest

So how do you poach the poachable from your own proverbial nest? Florentine lists some potential tactics:

Flexible work schedules, job-sharing, opportunities to work remotely, subsidized child and elder care, employee-paid healthcare packages, on-site gym facilities, a masseuse and unlimited vacation time are all important if you want to attract talented IT professionals.

In sum, by acknowledging the fact that employees have a host of needs unrelated to work, you can craft for them a comfortable environment in which they feel ‘at home’ and productive. A recent survey by found this to be true, citing free food, flexible schedules, and unlimited vacation days among the perks for enticing the new hires and retaining the old.

Just Offer More Money

Of course, more money is a classic incentive for Poachable employees. Skill and knowledge are two things that can’t be easily reproduced, so Florentine advances the notion of raising compensation to preserve competitive advantage. Giving key employees a regular opportunity to speak with management about goals and desires is a good place to start.

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