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What Makes a Great IT Candidate?

Here they come, bright-eyed and full of smiles. They are the IT candidate, and they’d better be worth their salt if the organization is to truly benefit from their services. John Yurkschatt discusses some of the traits to look for in the dynamite IT professional in an article for InformationWeek. Experienced hiring managers agree on six.

Bag the Perfect IT Pro who is…

  1. Coachable and Adaptable
  2. Willing to go beyond the job description
  3. Displaying high emotional intelligence
  4. Hybrid employee
  5. Passionate about the profession
  6. Full of entrepreneurial spirit

Skills alone will not win the day for the prospective IT candidate. The changing nature of technology dictates otherwise. It’s better if the applicant has a proven record of adapting to new situations and requirements. Hire a go-getter who is willing to go the extra mile on a project or assignment. These candidates will be rare, so screen accordingly. Investigate their previous accomplishments by honing in on their resume and asking about successes in previous jobs.

Intelligence is a bonus – but not necessarily the college kind. Increasingly, emotional intelligence, or EI for short, is an indicator of someone who is engaged with peers in a continual learning process that involves critical thinking and personability.

Is it possible to get two great employees in a single hire? Yes, according to Yurkschatt. A hybrid employee is someone who is a generalis: knowing about many things and having a diverse array of skills. They are also a specialist: knowing a lot about specific tools and practices to be sufficiently useful on any project.

What defines a person with passion for their job is a relentlessness that can carry them through the many challenges they may face, be it office politics, personality conflicts, or just plain hard work. Many of the younger candidates are of the entrepreneurial mindset. These applicants have a penchant for taking initiative and managing their own affairs independent of excessive employer oversight.

If you can find one who possesses all six traits, then congratulations: you’ve snagged real a winner for your IT department!

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