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Tick Tock, Mind the Clock – Managing Project Timelines

Knowing how to manage time for project deadlines requires the advice of an expert. To whom am I referring? I’ll give a few hints: he’s a rotund and jolly old guy who currently runs an annual mega-project for billions of clients globally. In a post for PM Hut, Archana Ananthanarayan discusses five helpful techniques for managing project time (with some second opinions from the guy in red).

5 Time Saving Tips

Unorthodox projects call for unorthodox approaches. If you’ve ever been charged with tackling a creative project—whether a specialized website, ad film, or reindeer saddle assembly—it pays to apply inventive problem solving to time management:

  1. Magical ideas occur during off-time.
  2. Tradition, rules of thumb, help a lot.
  3. Revisions keep clients smiling.
  4. Allow dialogue between team elves.
  5. The head guy is someone special.

Great time managers are excellent idea people and are superbly creative. Whether you’re on the job or off, don’t let those magic ideas fall through the cracks.

Some credence must be paid to tradition: Media considerations, audience attitudes, geographies – define whatever you already know. There are some things about a project that will never change.

When your client’s satisfaction is at stake, you want to get it right. Don’t feel rushed to send broken rocking horses and faulty pop-guns out the door. Allow time for revisions. Ensure that ample time is allowed for dialogue between team members. If, hypothetically, you’ve got an army of elves working round the clock, a little back-and-forth saves time by spotting problems. Most importantly, the head guy needs to be on top of his game. Imaginative, unorthodox, and able to deal with complexity and issues of scale – you want a project manager who can work magic with a wink and a nod.

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