Three Things CIOs Should Know About Cyber-Security

It’s time to pull down your virtual visor and enter the world of cybercrime. As Steve Durbin for CIO Insight explains, the new CIO priority (akin to a sci-fi vigilante) is to map the landscape of cyber threats and, along with other C-Suite sidekicks, to take action protecting the company’s digital assets:

For years, CIOs have been trying for a way to get a seat at the proverbial big table and become a partner to the business. With that being said, the time has come for the CIO to be the CEO’s business partner, providing the technology linkage between IT enablement and security and risk management. In my experience, when the CIO and CEO engage successfully, organizations are more likely to realize the benefits of their strategic initiatives. Effective engagement enables organizations to take advantage of the opportunities presented by cyberspace and today’s technology, while addressing the associated risks.

These 3 Threats

  1. BYO and Cloud
  2. Privacy and Data Breach
  3. Data Security

The bring your own everything (BYOx) phenomenon may warrant one of two responses: either (a) there is too much risk involved and the CIO must bring about the necessary prohibitions, or (b) the CIO will decide that the benefits outweigh the risks, and keep an open BYOx policy that seeks to manage these devices in the workplace. In either case, BYOx and usage of the cloud should not escape the scrutiny of the shrewd.

And don’t think for a moment that your back is covered on compliance and data regulations. Even if your organization is playing by the rules, those rules are changing. Durbin says that legislative bodies both at home and abroad are crafting tougher standards to protect personal data and employee privacy.

Lastly, consider the very real fact that today’s cyber threats are often not the workings of a lone hacker hatching schemes in their bedroom. Many attacks have become coordinated and grow more sophisticated with time. Perpetrators will know how to take advantage of supply chains and third party venders – a CIO security nightmare.

Despite the worries these threats necessarily invoke, the value of the CIO position will increase substantially if proper attention is paid to protecting the interests of business leaders, assets, and staff. Only one vigilante can stem the rising and ominous tide of cybercrime. That one hero is the CIO. 

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