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Soliciting Requirements from an SME

You’re making a list, and checking it twice. You’ve captured all service level requirements. Isn’t that nice? According to a post at Karen Munro’s Project Management insight, before you go to town with a service management expert (SME), it’s good to have the right questions ready to go to ensure those requirements are put to effective use in the project – for goodness’ sake.

What would you like this year?

The business analyst (BA) should ask lots of questions until they understand what the business is really about, through and through. If you don’t know how the business is behaving now, how will you know what to bring them during project delivery? For instance, you might scratch your beard in confusion when an SME tells you what they want. (i.e. – What is a Game Boy Advance? I’ve never heard of that one before).

If you don’t get the information right, the project that arrives may not be the project your customer expected, a cause for considerable heartbreak. Start with individual needs and items; then look at the big picture. There will always be a complex systems element to what you do, but remember, you’re in the business of creating smiles. Retain that personal touch.

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