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PRINCE2 vs PMP Certification? Get Both

“Two methodologies: one great project.” That should be the slogan for the PMP and PRINCE2 project management certifications. True, these approaches are often portrayed as contrasting and competing with each other. But as an article at Advantage states, it always comes down to what the PM needs. In many cases, there are benefits to using both.

The Skinny

Getting down to the bare bones, PRINCE2 is a detailed account of the processes and activities that a team must execute to deliver value to its sponsors. PMP is based on a guide called PMBOK, and is a compendium of project management knowledge (though it is not 100% exhaustive).

PRINCE2 Certification in Detail

A PRINCE2 practitioner level exam involves demonstrating a basic knowledge of the PRINCE2 methodology to non-complex project management scenarios and is derived from levels 3 and 4 of the Bloom’s Taxonomy of learning objectives. You will be given 2.5 hours to complete an exam of 8 questions based on a project management scenario that you must solve. The test can be taken in person or online. It is open book, but only the Managing Successful Projects manual can be used. The finished exam is returned with results within 2 -3 weeks. To prepare for the exam, you can commit to self-structured studying, utilize an online learning platform, or attend instructor-led sessions.

PMP Certification in Detail

To prepare for the PMP, one must review the Project Management Body of Knowledge guide (PMBOK). You’ll be required to take a 200 question multiple-choice exam that can be taken online or at a Prometric testing center. The time limit is 4 hours, and it is a closed book exam. To prepare, seek access to a Project Management Institute (PMI) Registered Education Provider. An REP can assist in covering any knowledge gaps that exist between the PMBOK guide and exam requirements. Self-study is optional. As with PRINCE2, there are online learning centers and instructor-led sessions. The PMP has a number of initial requirements that are not found in PRINCE2. For instance, education credentials in combination with an accumulation of work hours will be necessary in addition to 35 hours of PM education.

Getting Started

You can discover which certification to obtain first by scouting the websites or LinkedIn profiles of potential employers. Geography is often cited as a determining factor, but be wary of using this shorthand to determine your choice of certificate. Many first time PMs will go for the PRINCE2 certification, since 3 years of experience are needed for the PMP.

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