Peeking at the Toys of Tomorrow: IT Leaders Predict Major Tech Trends

2014 is coming to an end, and we all know what that means – new IT toys and trends! And since we’re too excited to wait, let’s take a peek at some of the changes that promise to make IT safer, easier, and altogether cheaper. In an article for TechRepublic, Teena Hammond shares the latest consensus on those up and coming improvements.

IT Wish List

In the coming years, many IT decision makers expect the Internet of Things to pervade our everyday life (61%). Yet the serious, high priority concerns of IT managers and non-managers tend to focus on improving security, applications, and cost management (IT folks are not exactly fun to shop for if you ask me). Security was especially important, both for CXOs and non-CXOs, with mobile device management a second priority, followed by big data and analytics.

New Gadgets Overrated

Again, IT people are very practical when it comes to their wish lists. A stunning third of all those surveyed thought that 3D printing and wearables were overrated and would not significantly contribute to innovation in the coming years. Instead, both managers and general IT staff have their sights set on deploying mobile devices, a continuation of current interests.

Visions of Data Breaches

What is currently dancing in the heads of IT professionals? Certainly, not visions of sugar plums. The study, according to Hammond, found that loss of network data was a reoccurring nightmare along with the need to change business requirements and to improve service response quality.

Progress is the Prize

On the brighter side, few IT pros were worried about the specter of offshoring, a less fatalistic outlook than was previously assumed. Basically, IT managers and staff continue to want what they have wanted in the past – a bright future of (stable) technological and economic progress.

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