IT Governance

How is IT Governance Impacting Your Organization?

Without governance, IT is like a plane without a pilot, a ship without a captain, a car without a….okay, you get the point. Suresh GP writes about the importance of IT governance in a business landscape that is fraught with disruptive changes and constricting regulations. To balance against these challenges, GP recommends a robust governance model that can steer IT through stormy skies, troublesome waters, or bumpy… yeah.

IT Needs Governance

Simply put, without proper governance, organizations don’t really benefit from IT:

While IT is getting overwhelmed with Cloud, Mobility, BYOD, Big Data and new market trends, managing complexity needs a phenomenal governance mechanism. It is important to get both IT and the business to understand how Governance can help provide true value to their customers and create customer delight.

IT Governance, not IT Management

GP highlights the difference between IT management and IT governance. Governance exists to shield against risk and to provide value to the business. Management is for planning, building, running, and monitoring activities in an attempt to create alignment with the business – the difference between “doing the right things” and “doing things right.”

Avoid Catastrophe

The thing to remember about governance, cautions GP, is that it may be a potential source of internal bureaucracy, but it also prevents horrendous catastrophes from occurring, such as the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy. Because they failed to enact the proper governance measures, Lehman Bros crashed and burned, struck an iceberg: they veered off road and hit a tree. Let it be a lesson learned.

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