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How Do IT User Personas Affect Efficiency?

Take aim and connect with the dynamic process of IT governance by utilizing user personas. A user persona, the summarized goals and tendencies of a specific user group, is one strategy of service management efficiency that is oftentimes missed. Jamie Spector writing for the SmartData Collective runs the ‘bases of benefit’ that these dashboard conventions can potentially offer. Spector divides these functional efficiencies according to the type of individual at bat: 

  • IT Management
  • IT Staff
  • Support Worker
  • End User

First Base

A management persona might involve service desk reporting data or authorizations of requests for help on complex tickets. Standard support tickets are not within their domain.

Second Base

Similarly, IT staff will be exempt from incident handling in order to better address issues of underlying functionality and changes in tasks. This persona group will most likely need their workspace structured around change operations and problems related to IT configuration.  

Third Base

A support worker persona gets the tickets, and consequently has the greatest need to work closely and directly with users. That is why this user’s dashboard will require support specific tasks and updates.

Home Run!

Of course, the all-important end user benefits from a service desk persona as well. Here they can file service requests and fill out tickets for support workers to address. Moreover, the end user needs a clean dashboard that focuses on updates and relevant information.

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