How CIOs Can Improve Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing is like threading a needle hole the size of a microchip. Thanks to the trend of personalization, IT must team up with marketing departments to deliver pitch perfect customer service and retention. As Dennis McCafferty writes in an article for CIO Insight, full integration of business systems is the best way to accomplish what might otherwise prove an impossible task.

Where the Money Flows

Just in time, more money is flowing into the venture of digital marketing, with goals in tech spending on a definite trend to improve customer service while retaining existing customers. Most marketing pros are on to that trend, with 44% surveyed by Teradata Marketing Applications being adamant about integrating technology into their efforts, and 59% being bent on making data integration a top priority.

Digital Expectations

In 2015, most technology investments will be made in the form of digital marketing, with marketing attribution and cloud / app management at the top of the list. These new tech installments will be judged by their ability to integrate with existing technology and their capacity to deliver privacy and security, among other things.

Fences to Jump

While there are many positive aspects of this departmental union, some major hurdles will likely manifest in the form of cross-functional management challenges and the friction of IT workflows. The strategies that best exemplify a sound digital marketing strategy center on search marketing and digital advertising: two aspects that put special emphasis on the role of IT.

Victories to Win

The facts all point personalization as king/queen of the marketing world. Thirty-five percent place fostering these capabilities as a top priority and of those 35%, 5% say it is the priority. The same breakdown could be said of keeping a strong customer focus. Overall, it looks like tech is trending up in the world of marketing.

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