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For Healthy IT User Support, Go Beyond the Help Desk

An organization without computers and technology is like a shark without teeth – starving for sustenance and not very effective at catching its prey. Yet as Noel Bruton argues in a blog for ServiceDesk360, organizations consistently ignore the of role user support in keeping the many “teeth” of the organization sharp and ready.

Where, O Where is the IT Support Strategy?

If you browse the pages of COBITTM and ITILTM manuals, you will find scarcely a trace of advice about user support. You may find mentions of ‘incident management’ which will direct you on a wild goose chase to find a candidate likely to resolve the incident. That candidate will likely be either too important to spare the time, or unqualified to work with technicians and developers.

When Common Sense is Not Enough

Of course, the support desk was designed to rectify computer-related problems that otherwise become a productivity loss for the company. That’s fine if you’ve got a support strategy to back it up, says Bruton. Yet so long as we leave management of the support network to ‘common sense’ there is always the chance no one will organize to resolve issues, or even know that they are receiving support:

IT support is not, and should not be simply a question of a portal to IT’s technical resources. That’s part of the job the service desk does, but it is not enough. IT Support is a big, cross-departmental, horizontal responsibility. It is about the whole of the journey of the support request, through all its ownership changes.

A Healthy IT Support

If everything is left up to the service desk, this is going to limit support. All those service requests need to be channeled to the appropriate parties and managed at departmental levels. Using a health check service is one way to begin reinforcing the IT support function. A healthy IT support strategy is the best way to keep enterprise IT tools razor sharp.

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