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Don’t Wait Until Kick-Off to Obtain Buy-In for Your Project

“Shouldn’t we bring the marshmallows?” is not what you want to hear your kid say as you drive down the road for an overnight camp out. Similarly, the project manager who waits until the project kickoff to get stakeholder approval is missing the boat, so to speak. Samad Aidane in his blog, Guerrilla Project Management, recommends obtaining stakeholder buy-in far in advance of the actual project launch.

Get What You Need

A business case, according to Aidane, must face the facts of organizational objectives, alternative solutions, and project justifications. By virtue of this preemptive approach, the PM can chart a more certain future:

…once all is said and done, a business case document is approved. That becomes your mandate. You no longer need to get buy-in after that. The organization has made a decision to proceed with the project.

Just Take It

In some instances, your enterprise will not require a business case to be made prior to the initiation process. Unfortunately, you’ll still have to make a case to stakeholders at some point. The illusion of a no-pain process is just that – an illusion. Even if the company does not require it, get that buy-in before it gets to you during the project.

Aidane is reassuring as he mentions that the project manager is only a facilitator in the process of project approval between the project sponsor and relevant stakeholders. Instead of screaming from the backseat of the moving car “Marshmallows!” you could be the kid that has the S’mores already packed.

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