Destination Dream Job: Creating a Career Roadmap

Whether you want to become the CEO of Microsoft or just the best project manager in your company, the first step is recognizing the other twenty-five steps that lead to your goal. Nicole Fallon helps you plot a course in an article at Business News Daily.

No GPS Required

Decide what kind of position you would like to be in at various ages, and use that as a skeleton to form plans. Rather than decide what companies you want to work for, think about instead which skills you should develop that will help you along your desired career path. Dazzling skills do not guarantee a job at one specific place, but they do guarantee a great job somewhere. And as you excel, if you find the closer you get to your goal, the less appealing it becomes, do not be afraid to change your goal. The skills you have developed are bound to translate in one way or another to a new path. You can read Fallon’s full article here:

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