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CIOs Must Put Customers First in Business Technology Decisions

Businesses called them ‘technology gurus’ and they were responsible for keeping with the latest tech developments and trends. That was the CIO of the past. Welcome to the CIO of today, a professional who cannot always claim to be at the cutting edge. As Dan Muse relates in an article for CIO, disruptive technologies are transforming the business with or without IT or the CIO. The only way to stay in the game, says Muse, is to make emerging tech a higher job priority.

To step up their game, CIOs need to retool old perspectives about technology adoption. A Forester study organizes 15 technologies into four new adoption platforms, which Muse summarizes:

The 4 Platforms

  • Business Innovation 
  • Interaction 
  • Aggregation / Delivery
  • Infrastructure and Context

The first change in tech adoption is delivery. Instead of offering innovations piecemeal, the new approach bundles functions like analytics, digital solutions, IoT and customer design into a single power punch of IT awesome. A second trend in tech adoption is related to form.  Wipe away that old image of the office workstation. IT must transport the customer into the next generation of wearable and natural interfaces. Also, there’s the evolution of data. More of it means better sourcing, delivery, analytics, – the works. Lastly, the more familiar improvements in hardware & software act to accelerate the other three categories. Look for more advanced devices, infrastructures, cloud solutions, and big data management schemes.

Rising to the New Challenge

…from server virtualization to tablets, technology disruptions have been erupting for 20 years, Forrester says. The difference — and the cause for greater urgency — is that now your business success is tied to how well you understand, deliver and manage emerging technologies.

Luckily for the CIO, preexisting innovation networks can be mapped and leveraged along with crowd sourcing of ideas. In short, the very same disruptive technologies that challenge the CIO’s guru status can be used to formulate new adoption strategies.

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