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Blackouts, Brownouts and Snowy Change Windows

The holidays are a season to expect brilliant and dazzling displays, but for IT service it often signals a time for the lights to dim. In his blog, Ryan Ogilvie offers some advice for handling the pesky problems that often accompany these aptly named brownout windows. Hey, it can’t be as bad as untangling those Christmas lights.

Little Changes during Unannounced Brownouts

Not having a formalized outage window can cause problems. Though it is commonly assumed that folks are away from the office during the holidays, lo and behold, a “little” change request may be issued. This change, otherwise harmless at a different date, will likely complicate matters during a brownout.

Change Requests around your Window

What if you declare the brownout window at a high change level organization? Better declare that window far in advance, since changes will tend to pile up like snow around your window. Too many change requests being bottlenecked into the pre-brownout timeframe will obscure small issues. At the other side of the brownout window, change requests may appear in abundance due to delayed deployment dates.

‘Tis the Season for Signoffs

The simple rule of thumb here is to plan for the worst case scenario, to expect the unexpected. That means allowing ample time and flexibility for damages or other issues to occur. ‘Tis the season to be jolly! But if you’re an ITSM professional, ‘tis also the season to get that additional approval signoff during outage timeframes.

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