A Tool for Mapping Your Goals and Resolving Career Indecision

How do you decide the next big step in your career? In a post at the Harvard Business Review, Bill Barnett recommends building a matrix to help plot the best path.

A Regular Matrix, Not a Keanu Matrix

To build a matrix, you start by coming up with a list of your objectives. Then you compare how each of your career options fulfills that list of objectives, assigning numerical values in every case. Add up the numbers for each objective across one career option, and then do the same for the others. One option will numerically come out on top as the best. But is it the best? Your first go at designing a matrix might uncover that you actually have more objectives than you thought you did. When your objectives truly speak to what you hope to accomplish, then maybe that highest totaled option really is the best path. For more, you can read Barnett’s full post here:

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