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7 Crazy Person Tips to Become a Better Coder

Louis Lazaris offers some unorthodox tips to sharpen your programming skills. So get out your straitjacket, because things are about to get crazy up in here.


Forget WordPress and a CSS reset—write your own framework instead, and code like the pioneers did. Debug your problems without development tools, and keep your hands off the code generators. Do not even check your work in a browser until it is totally finished, so that you stay focused. Spend some time writing in Notepad instead, where it will be slow as molasses but you will memorize and comprehend everything on a glorious new level. The same principle applies to writing out book examples you see by hand. And lastly, take an effort to reinvent the wheel; light boxes and slider code may be everywhere, but could you code one yourself? If not, take the time to learn! For more insanity, you can read Lazaris’s full article here:

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