3 Tips for CIOs to Become Better Negotiators

Would you, could you, accept this offer? I would not, could not, accept this offer! How often do CIOs encounter tough negotiators who simply will not ‘eat the green eggs and ham’ they are serving? In his blog, The Accidental Successful CIO, Jim Anderson addresses the need for CIOs to improve the all-important (non-technical) skill of negotiation.

3 Tips for Negotiating

Who might the CIO encounter in negotiations? Quite frequently, they are vendors, internal clients, and fellow team members. Regardless of who sits across the table, there are three tips to secure success:

1 – Know Exactly What You Want

First off, the details of your offer won’t necessarily fall into place without any pre-planning or forethought. It’s best to do the head scratching and figuring beforehand, so as to make concrete demands and to resist being taken.

2 – Don’t Overestimate the Other Party

On the issue of being taken, it helps to enter the negotiation with the perception that you are dealing with your equal, with a peer. That way, you can resist the urge to feel intimidated on one hand, or to treat the person with disrespect on the other.

3 – Ask for Big Things

Are you nervous about making your case? Don’t be! Any special circumstance or unusual requests should be put forth with full confidence. A unique offer is just as likely to be accepted as declined. You may be pleasantly surprised at the results, or could learn something valuable if they refuse.

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