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3 Essentials for Supporting High-Performing Employees

What makes a good IT worker work well? Sometimes it depends on who you ask. For companies like Netflix, letting go of employees who aren’t ‘up to snuff’ (and giving the ones who stay more freedom and flexibility) is enough to improve team productivity.  Others have a slightly more nuanced view of what makes a good team, citing strong relationships as the keystone of team performance. According to Anant Gupta, no matter where you land on building better teams and employees, there are some qualities that just never go out of style. In an article for Information Week, Gupta finds three.

Tech Intelligence & Tech Relevance

Think technology is already a challenge for workplace talent? In the future, no business will be secure without an IT workforce that is constantly retaught and retooled on the best and brightest technologies:

To survive in this scenario, everyone — from board strategists to senior management to team managers to individual contributors — will need to be a “technologist” to understand how specific technologies affect every part of the business. High-performing teams in any industry will need to be fluent in the fundamentals of data and technology. It's therefore essential for companies to unravel the technological maze for their people through classes, courses, and other learning tools.

To address the issue of ‘employee upgrade,’ Gupta encourages us to ask the question: If I were an app, how often would I need to update my skills to stay relevant in the workplace? By adopting a Career Development Plan, he says it is possible for staff to align their goals for improvement with the goals of their organization, finding room for growth and new experience internally.


Yet it’s not just tech-savvy and a constant app-atite for upgrade that makes an employee effective. An innovative idea-forging mindset is also among the most valuable assets an IT worker can possess. What drives the vehicle of employee performance if not a motivation to develop and follow through on self-made solutions that benefit the enterprise as a whole? Constructing a work environment to enable this dynamic is all-important in supporting the quality employee.

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