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Ward off Bad Customer Vibes with a Service Management Séance

Effective ITSM processes make for happy customers in the way that positive energy makes for happy spirits. Joe the IT Guy shares advice on how to imbibe your service management process with plenty of good customer vibes. It’s not enough just to have the right knowledge about service management. You also need to know how to use it properly, and that means delivery is crucial. There are essentially three elements that are required for a successful delivery of services:

  1. Good people
  2. Correct procedures
  3. Powerful tools / technologies

Choose the Proper Framework

Knowing the right ITSM incantation depends on which framework you’ve chosen. Some companies use ITIL or COBIT. After choosing the framework, the rest becomes easier. Your outfit is then empowered with incident management to help customers with IT difficulties, and capacity management to ensure agreed upon capacity and performance.

Be Open to Surroundings

You may need to seek experience and wisdom through an ITIL training course, or perhaps you’re already naturally imbued with knowledge of these service management techniques. It’s important not to numbly rehearse the inscriptions put forth in manuals, but rather to adjust your interpretation based on the environment and specific needs of your customers.

Reach out to the Customer

Sometimes, the process you’re trying to alter is so powerful that you need an entire team to perform the change together. That is, all stakeholders need to be involved in designing the process if it is going to work. And by stakeholders, we mean customers too. Yes, to most IT outfits the idea of involving the customers in the act of redesigning a process might sound kind of creepy. But consider that processes do not just occur internal to the IT organization – they also take place in the beyond, the realm of the customer.

Read the full post at: http://www.joetheitguy.com/2014/05/20/why-should-you-involve-customers-in-the-design-of-itsm-processes/

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