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There are always more ways to approach a project. There are always more variables you can measure to ensure project success. Michelle Symonds writes for the PM Hut with a long list of pre-assessment metrics and quality checks for your next project.

Pre-Assessment Metrics

The six pre-assessment metrics are complete tasks, incomplete tasks, total tasks, baseline count, BEI baseline count, and relationship count. Complete tasks have established finish dates, whereas incomplete tasks do not, and total tasks are “all tasks with the exception of summaries, milestone, zero baseline duration and sub-project tasks.” The baseline count is the tasks that are completed before the status project date, while BEI baseline also includes tasks lacking baseline start and finish. Lastly, the relationship count includes any combinations of start and finish relationships between tasks, like finish-finish and start-finish.

Quality Checks

Symonds touches upon many quality checks. Lags, leads, logic, high float, negative float, hard constraints, relationship types, high duration, missed tasks, invalid dates, resources, critical path test, critical path length index (CPLI), and baseline execution index (BEI) are all checks covered. For instance, the resources check is just used to make sure that all tasks have resources assigned to them. In another example, Symonds has this to say about the hard constraints check:

[T]his is for any activities that have time-related constraints, such as when they must start or finish. This check identifies those tasks with hard constraints and it is important that there is no more than 5% of these.

Five percent is a number Symonds touches on a couple more times; lagging tasks should encompass no more than that percent so as not to endanger critical elements. High duration tasks should also not take up any greater percentage, because Symonds believes they should in most cases be broken up into smaller tasks.  For more explanation on all of the factors outlined here, you can read the full post:

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