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The Top Five Worries for IT Service Managers

If ITSM sometimes feels like a raft in the middle of stormy seas, consider that the raft is drifting in a positive direction. No longer lonely incident responders, IT service managers now have at their disposal the help of IT resolution units and more strategic ties with the enterprise. But as a recent contributor to the ITSM Review blog notes, failure to reach out to these institutional ‘life preservers’ may validate certain terrors that plague the IT service manager.

Five ITSM Fears

  • Alert Fatigue
  • BYOD
  • Job Changes
  • Job Obsolescence
  • Machine to Machine (M2M)

When a data breach occurs despite the presence of threats in a company’s logs, the probable cause is alert fatigue. With hundreds or thousands of alerts streaming in each day, employees will find it hard to sort through the clutter, making it easy for treats to take cover in the sheer mass of alerts. Another source of panic originates with the BYOD phenomenon, as alternative platforms, rampant malware, and poor user discretion pose nightmare security scenarios.

Also threatening the raft of ITSM is the reality of job insecurity. The flexibility and strategy-making required by ITSM means that staff are always on their toes, adjusting to new pressures and adopting new skill sets. And, of course, there is the looming possibility that the job of service manager will be replaced with self-service tools and/or virtual agents. A study conducted by Gartner puts the use of virtual agents at 50% by the year 2015.

On top of it all, the technologies that service managers work with are starting to multiply and permeate objects outside of the traditional realm of IT. Ensuring that a downed printer doesn’t compromise other critical departments or functions is the new normal in an IoT and M2M world. In light of these worries, service managers should take courage in their ability to stay organized, maintain calm and control, and reach out to other departments for strategic help in the midst of the IT service storm.

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