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The Secret of DevOps Success is Not Technology

Bringing a DevOps approach to your IT outfit is about finding the right technologies and then implementing them into the right culture – with an emphasis on the idea of culture. Configuration automation tools, IDEs, and social networks are all well and good. But according to Simon Bisson for ZDNet, if you impose tools on a culture that is neither knowledgeable about new methods nor amenable to change, then you will have a non-starter of a DevOps initiative.

DevOps Culture

Bisson dismisses the notion of using a “big bang” approach to DevOps, and instead endorses the idea of gradually introducing the methodology one project at a time – allowing success to spread like a contagion. He admires the way Amazon uses DevOps to support the deployment of microservices within its overall framework.

The key fact to remember is that DevOps culture = agile culture. If your outfit already utilizes agile methodology, that’s a good place to start with DevOps. Of course, most organizations are not of Amazon size, so the specific methods of implementation will vary in terms of scope.

Agile Paratroopers

Bisson takes us on a training mission into agile territory that functions much like a military exercise. First, the team offloads server maintenance and deployment onto tools like Puppet and Chef. You’ve just led a select project team into an operations and techniques free fall where they will have to adjust to in-the-moment agile thinking. Bisson calls it the operations as a service approach.

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