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Technology Jeopardy: Beat the Odds of Project Failure with a Single Question

In an article for Computerworld, Forrester’s David K. Johnson unveils the one magical question that stops project failure dead in its tracks. Once you hear it, there is no going back. Are you ready for the question that makes you a juggernaut of project success?

No, That Wasn’t the Question

Johnson thinks the most important question for project success is, “What do people need to do their best work?” After all, he says, you can spend millions for new automation systems and projection forecasting, but it is pretty rare that anybody in the business will actually thank you for improving their work lives. If you want to fundamentally elevate workers’ quality of work, then you should be asking Johnson’s question.

One way this question can be employed is in whether a new policy will facilitate creativity or obstruct it. Another way is in whether a new technology will enable workers to better enjoy their work. Johnson is not just some hippy for suggesting these things; he points to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, which says the job to have in 2016 will be industrial/organizational psychologist. Then he elaborates:

At Forrester, we have a keen interest in employees’ state of mind because there is a very close correlation in the psychological research between great customer experiences and contented employees who are happy because their psychological needs are being met. They’re not being micromanaged, they have access to the information and resources they need to provide great service, they’ve been chosen for their jobs because they have a passion for service, they believe in the values of their employers, and they’re committed to developing themselves, among other things.

Technology investments should allow employees to have access to better information with which to help customers, and Johnson emphasizes the word “help.” You are helping people to do their best work, and the best work makes for good business.

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