Taking the Doom Out of the Supply Chain Talent Gap

You have heard the numbers before. Sixty million baby boomers will have retired by 2025, with only 40 million people replacing them. Only 20 percent of the workforce will have the skills to handle 60 percent of supply chain jobs. But Frank Cavallaro still sees some hope for this threatening gap in available supply chain talent. For starters, any motivated kids just exiting college are guaranteed a long and prosperous career in supply chains. And businesses can stay in-house with their recruitment too, offering cross-functional training opportunities and competitive salaries as a means to elevate their preexisting talent to the management level. The surest sign of a business’s health in the coming years will be whether it can recruit and retain this great new batch of talent. Basically, stop talking about doom and start thinking about the opportunities. You can read more at Cavallaro’s full article here: http://www.ebnonline.com/author.asp?section_id=2171&doc_id=274994

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