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Strategic Project Management: 7 Ways to Boost the Bottom Line

Taking pride in being a man or woman of action is silly when those actions are not informed by strategy. Without strategy, all your action could just be dangerous guesswork. Bruce Harpham writes a post at Project Management Hacks about seven ways to think more strategically with your project management.

Seven Strategic Traits to Embody

  1. Good Decision Maker
  2. Priorities Person
  3. Time and Energy Manager
  4. Strategic Budgeter
  5. Contributor to Project Strategy
  6. Humble Advocate of Organizational Goals
  7. Strategic Progress Checker

Strategy directly shapes decisions about products, pricing and other matters. In fact, that’s an excellent way to assess your strategy – does it give you a framework to make decisions and achieve results? If not, the strategy needs further development. A strategy that you cannot apply to work has no value.

Having strategy makes one a better decision maker. Simply put, if we know what our plans are, we know what we want. A strategic person knows his/her priorities, and doesn’t confuse urgency with importance. One who is strategic knows when their energy and motivation is highest and uses that to their team’s advantage. Effective use of a company’s money is also a result of sound strategy.

Project managers are themselves subject to strategy. If long term company gain is the PM’s goal, they will remain humble by actively training the next generation of project managers. Finally, a strategic project manager continually monitors progress. When you measure something, it tends to improve.

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