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Process Maturity – How Do I Measure It?

A process is only as good as its governance, and good governance is often a matter of measurement and monitoring. In the ITSM Professor Blog, P. Ross S. Wise carves up the necessary wisdom required to deliver a process that is streamlined, agile, and robust. Defining Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators will often fall short of ensuring proper process governance.

Monitor and Measure

When it comes to good service management, there are only two key aspects that really need to be controlled for. First, is monitoring of the process sufficient to produce adequate reports and, in due course, take action on issue items? Second, can information gleaned from process reports be effectively measured?

Process designers must assert caution and use wisdom when defining the metrics and measurements for the process.  Careful consideration must be given to how these measurements are going to affect and change the behavior of the practitioners and stakeholders that produce or receive value from this process.  Rest assured that measuring the process will affect people and we must ensure the outcome is one that is conducive to success.

It is process design that will determine your ability to monitor and improve the process in the long run. Therefore, measurement methods and metrics should cater to business requirements of quality, speed, and cost of delivery. Wise cautions against the use of certain metrics, such as effectiveness and efficiency, on immature processes. These useful measurements translate better on mature processes, whereas factors such as progress and compliance can be usefully applied to the unformed process.

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