In a Mobile Moment: 10 Ways CIOs Can Tap iOS 8 for Better Mobile Apps

CIOs, prepare to mobilize. The iOS 8 has arrived and there’s no better time to preempt its mobile app features and unique functionality. Tom Kaneshige for CIO refers to this phase of release as the mobile moment, a small window of opportunity…for companies to pitch their apps effectively.

A Half-Mobile Moment

  • No. 1 – Authentication
  • No. 2 – Mobile Wallet
  • No. 3 – Tracking Options
  • No. 4 – Active Notifications
  • No. 5 – Importing / Exporting Functionality

Welcome to the digital Swiss Army knife – version eight. First in line is the third-party access given to Apple’s thumbprint authentication feature. With its addition, companies can provide a faster app purchasing process to lower purchase drop-out rates. You will also want to get in front of the huge wave that is Apple Pay. This mobile wallet feature smacks of popular usage and should be enabled on all company-made apps. Thirdly, an option to “always” track has been given to users, who will only choose to do so if your company has earned their loyalty. That will be a challenge for marketers. However, the notification system is no longer just a series of “snippets” but can now host options to purchase, among other things. Additionally, many widgets have been extended to the Today screen for instant importing and exporting of content.

The Other Half

  • No. 6 – IoT Capabilities
  • No. 7 – Healthcare Capabilities
  • No. 8 – Digital “Handoff”
  • No. 9 – Screen Size
  • No. 10 – Input Options

A big ‘wow’ from Apple is the HomeKit feature that allows an entirely new market and ecosystem for companies to sell services, accessories and connected devices. In the same spirit, the HealthKit allows communication with health monitoring apps and wearables, giving healthcare providers a new basis for patient discounts and promotions. The digital “handoff” feature has given users interoperability between mobile and non-mobile devices, so the CIO should look beyond the mobile world too. And, by the way, size does matter – at least the screen size of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which have expanded beyond their predecessors raising compatibility and scaling issues. Finally, the addition of extension APIs allow the option of typing vs. swiping, a flexibility enhancement that will save precious moments for users of your company’s apps.

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