How to Succeed at Working from Home

Is working from home working for you? Jacquelyn Smith, in a blog for Forbes, suggests that not everyone is cut out for the homework lifestyle. But with some practice and some helpful tips, this could become the ultimate work solution for many who tire of office tedium.

Make it Work!

Primarily, being an effective at-home worker is all about replicating certain structures that reinforce productivity in the workplace. There’s the issue of space: don’t rely on the couch and coffee table combo. Use a real desk and office chair to get the ergonomics right. Dress for work too – anything that will make you feel a little pressure and structure is good for staying alert and on task. Additionally, to combat distractions you might even set work hours for yourself and to keep loved ones from invading your productive time. This new work trend will challenge your discipline and willpower, but it is also an opportunity to reclaim your private life without cutting hours or pay. You can read the full post here:

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