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How Quantum Physics Will Motivate Your Project Team

How does quantum physics relate to workplace behavior? An article at Consultant News discusses the invisible and atomistic tendencies that can ultimately affect morale. These quark-like tendencies, articulated in Kieran Hearty’s How to Eat the Elephant in the Room, must be combatted with positive effect.

Understanding Quarkiness

In quantum physics, quarks are so tiny that they are almost impossible to see. In a team meeting, clouds of silent, covert messages are almost imperceptibly exchanged. This is ‘quarky behaviour’.

Quarky behavior is characterized as a frown, facial tics, a yawn or sigh: signs that our peers are feeling less than supportive of our ideas, arguments, and recommendations. These subtle communications are not easily confronted, since they occur at a level that is nuanced and non-linguistic.

Step 1 – Make it Language

The first step to addressing quarky behavior is to deliver it up to the level of language. Talking about quarkiness makes it intelligible to many. Issues that were silently brewing on the quark-level are brought to the surface where they can actually be resolved.

Step 2 – Employ Charm

The second order of business in combating quarkyness is to promote its positive counterpart, charm. Charm is merely quirkiness that is infused with positive energy, as when the yawns and furrowed brows are replaced with nods and smiles.

Because quarky behavior is non-verbal, it tends to permeate every culture, class, and creed. The next time you find yourself in the midst of a project team with a bad (quarky) vibe, remember the power of positive quarks, the power of charm.

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