Enterprise Mobility Tops CIO Agenda

CIOs are looking to capture the competitive edge wherever they can, and enterprise mobility is a major area for growth. This was brought into the spotlight at the IDC Enterprise Mobility Forum 2014 recently. Regina Pazvakavambwa reports on its insights.

Always Connected

A framework must be developed that defines mobile strategy so as to outline goals and ambitions. This is necessary because it is just so easy for enterprise mobility to become unwieldy, especially as its value across all aspects of the organization becomes apparent. Since it requires interoperability with numerous interfaces and people, there can be no ambiguity in mobility’s execution. The success of an increasingly on-the-go work force depends upon it.

But there are risks inherent in all things:

[Senior research manager George Kalebaila] advised that enterprises should evaluate and assess service providers that can help them in the management of mobile infrastructure and applications. “The convergence of IT and telecommunications enabled by mobility is empowering businesses to virtualise their processes, and thereby increase productivity, stimulate employee performance, streamline business functions, and improve customer service,” said Kalebaila.

Basically, enterprise mobility is like an arduous journey, where a lot of hard work and twists and turns can lead to a very great reward. You can read Pazvakavambwa’s full article here:

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