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Edward Scissorhands’ 3 Keys of Project Management

If you only have a pair of scissors, the tendency will be to cut everything. That’s what Michel Dion for the Project Aria blog cautions about taking the advice of the specialist. The book author, public speaker, or management coach certainly has their own exceptional abilities, but let’s face it – they each have only got one selling point – and your hedges are already taken care of.

Communication is important. Planning is important. But if you don’t have a firm pair of hands (figuratively speaking) on your fundamental management responsibilities, the project is not going to be acceptable.

Edward’s 3 Keys

  • Decisions
  • Actions
  • Results

If you want to make your dreams come true as a PM, you must make good decisions. However, though you might be on your best behavior, the people you work with must also make sound judgments. Think of the project team as a loving adopted family who could suddenly turn on you if they feel betrayed by your (perceived) shortcomings:

…decisions are required throughout the whole life of the project.  Unless a project is very simple and very predictable, it is impossible to design a plan and execute the project without the need of monitoring and decisions. Reality of life is far more complex than that.

True, the reality of your life may be complex, but that won’t absolve you from taking action when the need arises. Being a leader means your behavior will reverberate throughout the project as a whole. Be sure to set a good example and don’t allow a situation to get out of hand due to fearful misconceptions.

Finally, every project begins like an unsculpted topiary. At first, the project is just a mass of unruly ideas. One must envision the finished product at the center of that mass in order to successfully carve out the desired results. Of course, you’ll also need the right tools.

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