Common Workplace Advice You Should Actually Ignore

Just because you hear the same advice spouted all the time does not make it right. An article at MSN Lifestyle highlights five pieces of advice you can dismiss.

Shield Your Ears

You actually can survive a bad performance evaluation, if you really put immediate effort into meeting your boss’s expectations and improving relationships with coworkers and superiors. You do not need to arrive before and leave after the boss; achieving high productivity in the time that you are normally there is more important. Similarly, do not wildly overdress for your current position. Only dress a level or two above where you are now. You should not feel compelled to speak up in every meeting, because people hate someone who drags on a meeting needlessly. Instead, only speak up when you have an idea that moves the conversation forward positively. Lastly, do not make yourself “always “available, lest you run yourself ragged and not have any time left to address important business issues. Budget time wisely. You can read about these ideas in full depth here:

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