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Are Your Project Managers Working Too Hard to be Effective?

Ahhh, it’s good to be lazy. Author and consultant Peter Taylor advises project managers to take a chill pill if they want to enhance workplace performance. In his blog The Lazy Project Manager, Taylor discusses the concept that is central to his philosophy: that of productive laziness.

Productive Laziness

Productive laziness doesn’t mean you get to work less, to sit around in a pair of slippers sipping cappuccino and reading a copy of Wired (though admittedly that sounds pretty good about now). No, productive laziness according to Taylor means focus and efficiency. It’s about being a good time manager in the way that a kung fu master can break a cinder block in half with a single motion.

Busy, Busy, Busy

What we’re really discussing here is maturity. The unseasoned PM can be spotted from miles away if you know what signs to look for. They’re a bit uptight and involve themselves in the communication process too frequently. They fail to delegate where necessary. They act busy, busy, busy! Also, they act as a toll gate for every decision major and minor, slowing down the productive process instead of facilitating progress.

Kung Fu Project Management

Kung fu project master Taylor advises that you work smarter, not harder! In this way you can claim to be lazy (productively lazy). Not only that, but focused and efficient communication will improve your personal life, lower stress levels, and maybe even buy you some extra time to enjoy that cappuccino. Here’s to laziness.

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