Are CIOs Finally Solving Their Cloud Identity Crisis?

Every tech pundit likes to describe the CIO as tomorrow’s Humpty Dumpty. But in a blog for Forbes, Tom Fisher brings a more positive perspective to the ‘egg man’s’ dilemma. As the cloud gives line of business (LOB) leaders the ability to call the shots on a company’s tech adoption, a virtual wall goes up between IT and the business. But the CIO needn’t scale that wall if they are to win back the attention of their former patrons. As Fisher explains, it is the LOB that will be crawling back for the CIO.

All the King's Horses

Unfortunately, the business line doesn’t have the big picture when it comes to IT. Sure, business leaders know what they want from applications and they know how to get it from the cloud. But when it comes to putting together the fragmented pieces of data from different cloud providers to create a seamless user experience, the LOB just doesn’t have the means. As Fisher argues, the CIO already knows what to do. They just need to know how to do it:  

…instead of obviating the need for a CIO, the shift to cloud allows the CIO to focus on business innovation—new techniques, technologies, and approaches to solving business issues. The CIO plays a leading role in emphasizing data quality and consistent data definitions across a divergent set of systems that must be integrated to enable a complete view of the customer, the business, and the operational challenges. The CIO’s responsibility is to achieve actionable data analytics versus simple data collection.

Bring the Wall Down, Humpty

More than anyone in the organization, the CIO sees the master data plan and can secure this asset for the business. They can ensure data’s accuracy, relevance, and integrate across systems. They are the ones who can build a collaborative governance model to track and report on user support. It is the CIO who can exploit cloud services to the max, who can move providers to exceed SLAs and build an “architecture view” of the enterprise.

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