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An Alternative Source of Talent for Your Service Desk?

Welcome to the senior service desk, a newly emerging possibility for service desk managers in countries with aging populations. As Rebecca Beach for the ITSM Review details, there is no reason to believe the stereotypes about older workers, that they’re simply treading water until retirement or that they lack the pep to produce quality results like a sound analyst. Beach reflects on the possibility of the older man or woman as service desk apprentice:

Although traditionally apprenticeships have been for young people fresh from education, the 50+ demographic is moving in. In the last year more than 34,000 people over the age of 50 have started an apprenticeship, with many applying for a ‘professional’ apprenticeship in areas that would normally be dominated by graduates.

With Age Comes Service Desk Skills

When you consider the level of life experience and accumulated decision making skills of the over 50 employee, it actually makes sense to consider them as potential apprentices. They also represent the very same demographic that is least satisfied with customer service. Therefore, along with young graduates, they are the most logical choice for apprenticeship. Businesses who fail to give notice to this opportunity may be missing out.

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