7 Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss

To make your boss happy, and to improve your long-term career prospects, there are some things you would probably be better off not saying. Steve Tobak lists seven of those things in an article for Entrepreneur.

Zip It Up

Do not ask, “How do I do that?” when given an assignment; take the initiative and figure it out yourself if at all possible. “I don’t have the time,” sounds like whining. Just reprioritize your workload accordingly. “No,” in isolation is also a brick wall that does give your boss useful feedback. “Take this job and shove it,” is of course suicide. “I’m going to HR,” again sounds whiny, and if you have a real problem, openly and respectfully make it known that you would like to talk to your boss’s boss. “It wasn’t me. He did it,” shifts blame, which is unproductive and takes focus away from finding a solution. And lastly, “That guy’s an idiot,” brings unwanted negativity into a situation, and your boss will wonder what else you say behind people’s backs. You can read Tobak’s full article here:

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