5 Tips to Getting Your Voice Heard

You want to make a positive difference in your company, but your voice is getting lost in the shuffle. What do you do? Michael A. Olguin has the answer with five tips in an article for Inc.

Getting Loud and Clear

Employees should ask each other how they are doing and build an honest investment in each other’s well-being; keeping engaged with supervisors will make them view you as ambitious. You also want to be bold (but respectful) in expressing your opinions, even if it incurs risk. Take any opportunity to branch out into work that is outside your usual scope of duties. Another thing to do is find out what the strengths of your colleagues are, technically or artistically, and combine them in productive and original ways. But good people skills will only take you so far. In the end, you have to demonstrate you have the smarts to go far in the company. You can learn more at Olguin’s full article:

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