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5 Tips for Writing Detailed Business Requirements

“Write your business requirements” should not have to sound like “Eat your broccoli.” Karen Munro shares five tips in her Project Management Insight blog on how to bang out a dynamite list of value-adding requirements.

Report Topic Hit List

  • Scope
  • Assumptions
  • Risks
  • Processes
  • Thoroughness

The word scope is thrown around a lot in IT management literature. In this case, it pertains to what business processes will be covered by the requirements list. In addition to notifying your signees of what is included, it also sets the parameters for the business requirements. To further provide clarity, stating the business assumptions in no uncertain terms provides an important insight into your assumptions on the current status of an item or process, and predicts how you would handle any future state once these requirements are in play.

Of course, there are going to be risks associated with any change. Don’t neglect this fact when writing the report, since early identification is the number one mitigation strategy to ensuring that business value is protected.

It is also important to understand how requirements will play out over the course of a business process. In depth assessment of system change requirements, in addition to potential impacts on staff, should be considered. As a manager one can surely appreciate this aspect of the report.

To fully deliver upon promised value, the detail of a business report must be exceptional. In a case where the report is found lacking midway through a project, the delay of updating and fleshing out new expectations offsets any initial reporting efforts.

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