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4 Reasons Why Business-IT Alignment Matters for the CIO

Haven’t you heard enough about IT shifting to align with business needs? The average CIO is inundated with recommendations, warnings, and entreaties to change with the times – or else! Myles Suer for Enterprise CIO Forum isn’t going to deny that these pleas are becoming passé. But that doesn’t stop him from joining the chorus.

No. 1 – Studies Show

Business alignment is trending as a priority in just about every major study, which is why this reason is listed No. 1. True, popularity does not always equate with being correct, but when you connect the dots between IT value and business performance, it becomes clear that things like “technical orchestration” and “process excellence” are no longer center stage.

No. 2 – Getting Tools to the Customer

When you look at how the tech landscape has evolved in the last decade, it’s clear that variety and choice play an overwhelming role in the decisions of most CIOs. This intersection of powerful tools with limited budgets and time puts the lone CIO in an awkward position of selling progress in a room full of misers.

No. 3 – Chief Information Officer

To be clear, the CIO is a C-Suite executive, which puts them at the confluence of all the major energies and powers of the business. Far from shrinking into the operational backdrop, the CIO is in a unique position to tow IT into alignment with finances, marketing, and other priority divisions of the organization.

No 4 – Business Language

Business partners will be suspicious of a meeting request filled with technical terms. They do not want a solution looking for a problem. They want to be looking for a solution to their problem.

If IT is really at the behest of the business (and not a separate entity), then it must speak the same language. That is why many CIOs now include their business partners in all vendor meetings.

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