Risk Management

10 Areas of IT Risk You Could be Overlooking

Risk managers do battle with some pretty intimidating foes–data breaches, disaster recovery, technological viability strategies. Yet while these forces certainly take priority, the fatal blow may come from risks that are small and unsuspecting. Mary Shacklett for TechRepublic advises us to keep our eye on those proverbial snakes in the grass.

Old Things

1. Storage Media
2. Black Box Code

Storage media: it sits there, unsuspecting and immobile. Then someone forgets to clean the tape, the humidity or temperature is not controlled, and an emergency situation reveals that they are no longer readable. Another still and silent threat comes from that 40-year old code that no one knows how to modify or fix.

Company People

3. Losing a Key Staff Member

4. Internal Security Threat

Without warning, a key staff member leaves the company, taking with them a valuable skill that, until now, was overlooked. And sure, we like to think we can trust our coworkers, but even after hedging against all external malicious security threats, the one that slips through is likely from the inside.

Cloud Trouble

5. Cloud Bandwidth Availability

Stepping into the cloud might seem like a foolproof solution, but then your telecom provider fails to deliver consistent bandwidth and that stroll into SaaS heaven turns into a sudden free fall.


6. IT Silos

7. Interpersonal Skills

Assuming effective communication between IT silos is like betting that a butterfly will move in a straight line. Another not-so-obvious risk is the very language of “IT speak” that can plug up communications with the business end.

Vendor Risks

8. Loss of Key Vendor Account Manager
9. Vendor Support for Multinational Operations

10. End-User Dealing with Vendors

Perhaps you forgot to write an out clause into your vendor contracts. If the vendor account manager suddenly leaves or is acquired by another company, “oops” is not going to bring anything back. Nor is multinational vendor support an innocent endeavor, since support may not be compatible for all countries involved. And though IT vendors may be managed within IT, there are always end users who take matters into their own hands. That’s the definition of a snake-in-the-grass risk.

Read the full article at: http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/10-things/10-areas-of-it-risk-you-could-be-overlooking/

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