Use of IT in Philippines Farming a Boon to Agriculture

How is IT related to the growth of a country’s agriculture? – through software applications and systems, of course. At least, that’s one of the assertions put forth at this year’s National ICT Confederation of the Philippines according to Reul John F. Lumawag of the Sun Star Davao. It’s part of a big push to revolutionize farming in the Philippines by adopting conventions of the digital age. Some proof of IT’s effectiveness on the farm can be seen in other parts of the world, with a particular boon to efficiency.

Techno Trees & Other Improvements

Big agricultural companies usually get first pick of the latest and greatest technologies. However, the newest batch of farm-friendly IT may be easily adopted by the micro, small, and medium enterprise farms (MSMEF). With the rise of mobile technology, particularly smart phones, farmers can utilize SMS applications to get real time information about the status of their farm. For instance, a tagging system for trees or other crops could alert farmers sooner to conditions related to plant health and harvest times.

To learn more, read the full article at: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/davao/business/2014/08/20/use-it-farming-boon-agriculture-360694

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