Top 5 Signs Your Supply Chain is Dysfunctional

Supply chains are not born perfect, or else nobody would be going online to read tips on how to improve them. Greg Brady writes for Supply Chain 24/7 about the top five signs that your supply chain may be dysfunctional.

Five Breaks

  1. You are not focused on the end customer.
  2. You are running multiple forecasts.
  3. You can’t see or influence supply in real-time.
  4. You have no visibility or response capability to issue across the global supply chain.
  5. You don’t incrementally re-plan and execute in real-time across the community.

Maybe your products look awesome according to some choice metrics, but if the end user does not buy it, then it is useless. Think about what the end users need. Let your forecasting start with the consumer, and update it in real-time according to demand and supply changes. Brady also says never to forecast what you can compute.

To achieve these things, you must have visibility throughout the supply chain and have a mechanism in place to respond to changes. Likewise, you must be mindful to periodically “re-plan” that which has already been planned, because plans slowly start to outlive their usefulness the instant they are implemented. To learn more, you can read Brady’s full article here: http://www.supplychain247.com/article/top_5_signs_your_supply_chain_is_dysfunctional

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