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Top 10 Strategic Trends for 2015

Get ready for the next generation of IT change. From context-aware applications to an explosion of wearable and mobile devices, John Tullet for IT Web’s CIO Zone introduces the future that is already upon us.

Virtual Worlds

1). Ubiquity
2). Internet of Things (IoT)
3). 3D Printing

The proliferation of individual mobile technology such as phones and wearable devices will expand in 2015, prompting a need for management solutions over user endpoint devices and a greater focus on user experience design. This computational ubiquity will become integrated into the very fabric of industry, making “user touch points” the basis of the emerging “digital business”.  3D printing applications will reach a critical juncture in the coming year as price decreases make this burgeoning technology more accessible and relevant to a variety of uses.

Machine Intelligence

4). Invisible Analytics
5). Context-rich Systems
6). Autonomous Machines

With all the explosion and hype surrounding the IoT revolution, less attention is perhaps paid to the quiet and invisible revolution taking place in the world of analytics. As big data extracts a greater breadth and depth of information from a variety of devices, corporations will also need improved capacity to translate that data into valuable information. From the user standpoint, context-aware computing will offer more flexible response to status and security changes which, combined with advanced and deep analytics, will revolutionize the way humans interact with their machines.

The Digital Business

7). Cloud and Mobile Architecture
8). Software-defined Architecture
9). Web-scale IT
10). Risk-based Security

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